Our lab studies the interaction between proteins and their surrounding environment in the test tube and in cells using a combination of live cell imaging, spectroscopy, and computational modeling.

We are part of the Chemistry and Biochemistry program at UC Merced.


WE ARE LOOKING FOR A POSTDOC. We offer 5-year funding for a postdoc interested in developing high-throughput, sequencing-based approaches to study IDP function. Contact us for more info!


Aug 2 21 - Feng has passed his qualifying exam is now a Ph.D. candidate!! He is the third student in the lab to pass quals. The lab is so proud of our grad students.

July 30 21 - Our lab was awarded an NSF-funded grant in collaboration with the Holehouse and Boothby labs to study how IDPs in cells can protect organisms from desiccation. Our lab looks forward to the four-year collaboration. 

July 30 21 - C-SIP/CCBM undergraduates, Dianna, Nora and Andres presented their summer research at the Annual Summer Symposium at UC Merced.

July 21 21 - David has passed his qualifying exam with flying colors and has advanced to a Ph.D. candidate!!