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Feb 20 '24 - Our fearless PI, Professor Shahar Sukenik, is UC Merced's first recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan foundation's Sloan Research Fellowship. One of 126 recipients across the US and Canada, Shahar credits his success to the amazing grad students who helped him build the lab. Read more here!

Feb 10-14 '24 - Grad students Kara and Patrick represented the lab in Philadelphia at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting 2024! Both Kara and Patrick gave flash talks and presented posters, and Kara won the Student Research Achievement Award with her poster on "Designing Disordered Proteins for Desiccation Protection." Go Kara!


Jan 4 '24 - New year new paper! After nearly 2 years of work,  David and Karina finally see their paper, Structural biases in disordered proteins are prevalent in the cell, published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. Congrats!!!

Read it here

Dec 15 '23 - Lab members Feng Yu and David Moses have officially graduated and earned their Ph.D.s! The lab is so proud of all of their hard work over the years. Dr. Feng Yu is continuing on at the Berkeley National Lab, and Dr. David C. Moses is traveling to sunny San Diego to work at the Scripps Institution. We'll miss our fantastic former grad students, and we can't wait to see what they do next!

Dec 8 '23 - The Sukenik Lab won first place in the Chemistry department gingerbread house competition with our theme: "Explosion in the Lab"

Dec 1,4 '23 - Graduate students Feng Yu and David Moses successfully defended their doctoral dissertations and are on track to graduate this month with their Ph.D.s! Go David and Feng!


May 29 - June 2 '23 - Lab members Sofía, Kara, Edie, and PI Shahar attended a WALII conference at the Carnegie Institute for Science in Stanford. After, they went on a retreat with the Boothby lab and the Holehouse lab in Montara, CA!

May 8 '23 - The lab has published a new article, Structural Preferences Shape the Entropic Force of Disordered Protein Ensembles. Read it here!

August 31 '23 - The lab has an exciting new article out, "Intrinsically disordered regions are poised to act as sensors of cellular chemistry." Read it here!

Feb 18-22 '23 - Lab members Sofía, David, Eduardo, Feng, and Edie presented their work in San Diego at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting 2023! Feng gave a platform talk this year.

Dec 16 '22 - Grad student Patrick joins the ranks by passing his quals!

Nov 30 '22 - Grad student Eduardo passed his qualifying exams and is now a Ph.D. candidate! We're so proud of him and we can't wait to see what he does next.

Nov 23 '22 - The Sukenik lab celebrates Thanksgiving with friends, family, and good food.

Oct 1-4 '22 - Grad students Eduardo and Feng head to Carbondale, IL for the 36th Annual Gibbs conference on biothermodynamics to present posters!


Aug 20 '22 - Lab members Karina and Nora and rotation student Kara went on a rafting trip to celebrate the end of 1st-year training week. 


Fifth-year, Karina chaperoned the rowdy first years with grace. 

Together, the group consisting of 1st years, phd candidates and postdocs managed to paddle 10 miles down the Stanislaus River down to Orange Blossom!

Aug 05 '22 - The Sukenik and Thompson labs (as well as a few other CCB labs) are moving from the Castle Outpost Labs in Atwater to main campus! The labs' new home will be in the brand new BSP building!


It's very bitter sweet to move from Castle, as the Sukenik Lab was born there in 2018. We bid Castle a fond farewell. Forever in our hearts!!

June 25 '22 - Shahar and David attended Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) in les Diablerets Switzerland.


Both David and Shahar gave talks. And Shahar was voted to be the vice-chair of the next GRC in 2024! Congrats to Shahar! 

June 17 '22 - Nora led a few science outreach activities at Play Adventures for their summer camp! They were kids aged from 2-10 years old and they all were great scientists.

Nora had a blast doing experiments and hopes the kids did too!

May 27 '22 - Long-time Undergrad lab member, Nora graduated from CSU Stanislaus with a degree in MCB and celebrated with the her favorite people--the Sukenik lab!! She'll become a grad student in QSB this fall.

May 27 '22 - Grad student, Eduardo gave a seminar for the chemistry and biochemistry department on his project that looks at the relationship between transcription factors and ensemble in cells!


May 12 '22 - The Sukenik lab along with Wade Zeno traveled to Yosemite to celebrate the semester coming to a close.

May 11 '22 - Our lab hosted Prof. Wade Zeno from USC who gave a seminar on his work on how disordered proteins sense and respond to membrane-curvature.

May 11 '22 - The lab has a new preprint out, Structural biases in disordered proteins are prevalent in the cell. Read it here!

Apr 4 '22 - Shahar gave a department seminar at Johns Hopkins' Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Mar 29 '22 - Shahar gave a department seminar at Washington University's Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Mar 22 '22 - Congrats to Feng for accepting a summer internship at the Joint Genome Institute at Lawrence Berkeley national lab!

Mar 24-26 '22 - Karina, Sofia, and Shahar travelled to Santa Fe to attend the Extreme Biology RCN meeting. Sofia gave a fantastic talk about how the AtLEA4-5 disordered protein protects from desiccation.

Feb 19-23 22 - Lab members Feng, David, Karina and Nora traveled to San Fransisco to present their work at Biophysical Society 2022 (in person)!!

Grad students Feng and Karina won the SRAA poster competition and David won a travel award to attend BPS!!


Oct 29 21 - Our Lab had a halloween party where our in-house band Eddy and the IDPs performed!! The night was full of pizza, music and pumpkin carving fun!

Oct 26 21 - Our Lab visited Hunter Farms Pumpkin Patch and had a blast together!

Sept 14 21 - In collaboration with Cesar Cuevas-Velazquez and José Dinneny labs, we have published Intrinsically disordered protein biosensor tracks the physical-chemical effects of osmotic stress on cells in Nature Communications. Read out new paper here!

July 30 21 - C-SIP/CCBM undergraduates, Dianna, Nora and Andres presented their summer research at the Annual Summer Symposium at UC Merced.

Jun 1-3 21 - Grad students Feng and David are presenting posters and Karina is giving a talk at the Protein Folding Conference. 

Mar 24 21 - Karina and Nora participated in the Annual Science Day at CSU Stanislaus where they did live cell microscopy experiments for over 100 k-12 students! Everyone had a blast.

Apr 22 21 - The Sukenik lab and the César Cuevas-Velazquez Lab at UNAM held a joint lab meeting. Grad students David and Karina gave talks on their current work.

May 20 21 - The lab went on an 12 mile long hike through Yosemite's beautiful Nevada and Vernal Falls.


Shahar gave a talk on Subgroup Saturday in Biopolymers in vivo at BPS!

Nov 25 21 - We have a new preprint out: Hidden structure in disordered proteins is adaptive to intracellular changes. Check it out here!

Sept 14 21 - Karina was a winner of the #IDPSIG21 poster competition that was sponsored by Dewpoint Therapeutics and organized by Stanford's IDPSIG. Congrats to Karina for all her hard work!! 

Sept 9 21 - Grad students David, Eduardo, Karina and Feng presented posters at IDPSIG. David also gave a wonderful flash talk.

Sept 1 21 - In collaboration with UNAM's Cesar Cuevas-Velazquez, our lab is hosting master's student Daniela Navarrete for 3 months. She will use Solution Space Scanning on Late Embryogenesis LEA 

Aug 2 21 - Feng has passed his qualifying exam is now a Ph.D. candidate!! He is the third student in the lab to pass quals. The lab is so proud of our grad students.

July 30 21 - Our lab was awarded an NSF-funded grant in collaboration with the Holehouse and Boothby labs to study how IDPs in cells can protect organisms from desiccation. Our lab looks forward to the four-year collaboration. 

July 21 21 - David has passed his qualifying exam with flying colors and has advanced to a Ph.D. candidate!!

Jun 25 21 - Members of the LiWang and Thompson labs joined us to celebrate Shahar and Karinas' birthday celebration at Tarmac!

May 26 21 - Shahar and Nora made 100 phase separation experiment kits for the 2nd graders at Los Reyes Elementary and walked them through an experiment.

We thank Carrie Kouadio from CCBM for managing the event and connecting us with Los Reyes.

Jan 15 21 - Shahar is giving a talk at Extreme Biology, discussing how the cellular environment affect disordered protein function and their prevalence in extremophiles.

Jan 12 21 - The Sukenik, Holehouse and Boothy Labs had their first tri-lab meeting. Grad students Karina and David presented their work and all of the labs got to know each other better.

Nov 19 20 - Shahar is giving a talk at IDPSeminars, discussing how the cellular environment affect disordered protein function.

Nov 16 20 - David and Feng's paper finally out in JPCL! Read it here!

Oct 27 20 - The lab was featured in a UC Merced press release. Click here to read it!

Jan 6 2021 - The Sukenik went on a lab hike in the Redhills and had a (CDC concordant) blast! 

Oct 22 20 - our lab hosted Dr. Erik Martin (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital)

Oct 6 20 - David and Feng presented posters at Gibbs Annual Biothermodynamics Conference 

Oct 2 20 - Karina and David won 1st place at the CCBM poster competition!

Oct 1 20 Lab seminar - the lab hosted Dr. Jose Alfredo Caro (Texas A&M)

Sep 12 20 Grant awarded! The Sukenik and Cuevas labs have been awarded UC-CONACYT bi-national grant to study the effect of disordered proteins in plants experiencing drought

Jul 15 20 Lab seminars. We have already hosted Dr. Danfeng Cai (Hopkins) and Dr. Keren Lasker (Scripps) at our journal club/seminar series

Apr 7 20. Outreach and Live Demos. 
Lab members David, Eduardo and Nora did biochemistry demonstrations for the community at Science Saturday at CSU Stanislaus which attracts hundreds of K-12 students every year

Aug 18 20 New Preprint Out! By David and Feng, Probing the Hidden Sensitivity of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins to their Chemical EnvironmentRead it here!

Aug 3 20 Congratulations Karina! Karina has passed her qualifying exam with flying colors and has advanced to doctoral candidacy!

Aug 8 20 New preprint!

In collaboration with the Rhee and Gitler labs, we look at the role of FLOE1 in regulating seed germination. Read it here!

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