Eduardo Flores

Graduate Student

Protein phase separation in vitro and in cell

eflores80 at


Feng Yu

Graduate Student

In vitro and in silico solution design

fyu9 at


Karina Guadalupe

Graduate Student

Protein interactions and live-cell microscopy

kguadalupe at


Patrick Koeing

Graduate Student

Wildtype Adenovirus and its various interactions with its host cell

(Joint with Grasis Lab)

pkoenig2 at

Nora Shamoon Headshot.jpg

Nora M. Shamoon

Undergraduate Student

Live-cell microscopy and outreach enthusiast 

nshamoon at


Shahar Sukenik


 Twitter | Scholar

Taking care of business

ssukenik at

Sofia Romero.jpeg

Sofía Romero

Postdoctoral Fellow

High-throughput in vivo study to uncover the environmentally-dependent sequence-to-function relationship in LEA motifs

promeroperez at


David C. Moses

Graduate Student

Solution Space scans of disordered proteins

dmoses5 at

Image from iOS.jpg

Ralph McAnelly

Research Specialist

Structural biology, molecular cloning and protein purification

(Joint with Thompson Lab)

rmcanelly at

Image from iOS.jpg

Estefania Cuevas-Zepeda

Undergraduate Student

Liquid-liquid phase separation


Catherine Nguyen, Undergraduate, 2021-2022, now at dental school

Jaspal Mann, Undergraduate, 2021-2022


Daniela Navarrete, Visiting Masters student, Fall 2021


Dianna Liakos, Undergraduate REU, Summer 2021

Andres Eduardo Bonilla, Undergraduate REU, Summer 2021


Adam Rhetta, Undergraduate, 2020-2021


Ashan Lakhani, Undergraduate, 2019-2020

Navtej Singh, Undergraduate, 2019-2020

Kiefer Deen Villacrucis, High school student, Summer 2019


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