Lab Manager

Eduardo Flores

Protein phase separation

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Graduate Student

Feng Yu

In vitro and in silico solution design

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Graduate Student

David Moses

Solution Space scans of disordered proteins

dmoses5 at

Undergraduate Student

Nora Shamoon




Shahar Sukenik

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Taking care of business

ssukenik at

Graduate Student

Karina Guadalupe

Protein interactions and live cell microscopy

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Undergraduate Student

Navtej Singh



Undergraduate Student

Ahsan Lakhani




Join us!

The lab is always looking for motivated, talented individuals!

Projects in the lab tend to be interdisciplinary, and can involve live cell microscopy, protein biophysics, and/or coding, depending on your interests. If you like what you see, drop Shahar a line. Please indicate why you're interested in joining.

Sukenik Lab, UC Merced

Castle Commerce Center, Bldg. 1200, RM TBA

Merced, CA